The biggest zipper innovation of the century! It is almost impossible to manipulate and to break in, or to cut through


Uniquely patented design. Cannot cut through the tape or teeth


Bluetooth enabled lock/unlock from smartphone via secure server


Reinforced with steel wire - cannot cut through textile


Extra protection against attempted breaking in to bag

Control: Sender controls where & when the lock is locked and unlocked

Secure: Keyless locking and unlocking via secure server from any smartphone

Durable: Manufactured from durable material, unbreakable and uncuttable

Custom Design: Contact us so that we can custom design a locking system according to your company’s specific needs

Eco Friendly: Up to 5 years lifespan

Energy Usage: Low energy consumption



Keyless, Secure, Durable, Easy to Use

Why do you need our cutting-edge technology in Intelligent Locking Systems?

ZippIT gives you the power to know where your shipment is, who has access to open it and when and where somebody can open it.  We make sure that your confidential and high value items stay secure from the time it is shipped, until it is safely delivered and in the hands of the rightful owner. We developed and designed an advanced solution for the numerous security challenges and obstacles which exist in the market of today’s day and age.

Who benefits from using the ZippIT Intelligent Locking System?

The smart system is highly beneficial for the shipping of any postal and express courier packages.  It is used for personal use by private people, everybody in between, up to large corporations and institutions. It will be our pleasure to discuss the option of custom designing an intelligent locking system to suit your company’s branding and needs.

Here at ZippIT, we do not believe in “keeping up with the Joneses”,
we simply stay ahead of them!

Uniquely patented design. Cannot cut through the tape or teeth


Reinforced with steel wires

Steel frame for extra protection against break-in

Patented zipper solution against manipulation

Intelligent locking mechanism for zippers

Secure Server

The unique ZippIT software communicates with the hardware via a secure server


Activated from any smartphone

Custom Design

Custom designed hardware to suit your company’s profile


A revolutionary locking system.
Safe and secure.


Now you can guard your outdoor items at all times

The Mobile Locking System can be used on every product with has a ZippIT zipper, e.g.:

  • Bicycle Bags

  • Boats

  • Suitcases

  • Tents

  • Trucks

Locking & Unlocking

Piece of cake

App communicates via Bluetooth between software
and hardware to lock and unlock.


Newly patented zipper system

Zipper Teeth

Unique design, metal teeth

Zipper Slider

2 Parts, no friction between the slider and the teeth

Zipper Tape

Unique design, metal teeth

Zipper Wire

Unique design, metal teeth


How does it work?

It's easier than tying your shoe laces



The management software allows you to assign and manage your ZippITs. At the same time, you manage your customer base through this tool.

Click to find out where you have active ZippIT shipments and how many ZippITs are available in a certain region. You can manage every ZippIT shipment individually, in groups, regions or customer based. Wireless location technology relies on sensitive receivers typically located cell towers to determine the location of a mobile device.

Tracking the courier bag

Location is based on the GNSS (GPS (us), Galileo (eu), GLONASS (ru))

The ZippIT lock is also connected to the Sigfox LPWA network:

  1. It is a 2-way communication network.

  2. Very low energy consumption, allowing battery life for years without maintenance.

  3. Short messages, 12 bytes, enough for GPS coordinates with 15-meter accuracy.

  4. Up to 140 messages a day - almost every 10 min there is a location update!


Sigfox network is already present in 45 countries and on all continents,and is growing all the time.


In addition, after every action with the lock (closing /opening / status reading) the smartphone sends his coordinates to the ZippIT servers.

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